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  • 09:01 I'd be way more bummed that it's Monday morning after a lovely 4 day weekend with my husband if this coffee weren't so damned good. #
  • 09:31 So the DNS for hipstersguide expired a bit ago -- the files are still hosted. Anyone know how to extract the wordpress posts? #
  • 11:21 Hipster's Guide to Conquering Domestica is live again and now at: hipstersguide.coreymarie.com/ (at least for the time being!) #
  • 11:30 @artlogic I ended up just getting my host to transfer it to a sub-directory. But thank you!! :D #
  • 12:11 Watching True Stories and doing housework. My brain is abuzz with ideas and projects and my back is feeling a lot better! #
  • 12:43 David Byrne should do a sequel now to signify the death of the shopping malls, the way that True Stories does their birth/infancy. #dowant #
  • 23:20 Man, I wonder how many couples are going to get into a fight tonight after watching House! What a great episode. #
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  • 22:53 is sort of obsessed with duodecimal (base 12) right now. #

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  • 13:19 currently writing a micro-comic about how steve jobs ruined music. #

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  • 09:13 I've had my 1 inch button maker for ten years and I still get pissed when I see people printing licensed character buttons. ie: not theirs. #
  • 09:29 Oh did I mention I got a paper cut yesterday? Except it was from corrugated cardboard? :( #
  • 10:24 @MattDroz I'm not going to lie, it looks way more epic than it actually hurt. #
  • 10:48 Listening to Paul's Boutique and cleaning my kitchen. #
  • 12:22 RT @Etsy Sign up if u like: mailinglist.etsy.com -- Etsy's mailing list is so great, everyone should subscribe. Best non-spam ever. #
  • 15:00 My increasingly arthritic (post-accident) right hand is not happy about my desire to staple everything into cute little packages. #
  • 19:44 Jeopardy Category: Homages to Star Wars. It's the category I was born to play! #
  • 19:46 @alisonkay read that as tomatoes. youtu.be/36NgK-vJc1M #
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  • 16:28 @abandy It looks so so great! #
  • 16:40 @alisonkay make a solution of borax, sugar and a little water and place it where the ants are (but make sure kitties can't get to it) con't #
  • 16:41 @alisonkay let them go to town and they'll take it back to the source. then, no more ants! #
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  • 09:26 Really going to try to get caught up on stuff today. If you are waiting for an email from me, please forgive me. #
  • 22:47 Not warning me that a video is going to be a Capella is just as bad as not warning me that a video is going to be NSFW. #
  • 23:01 unrelated to previous tweet: MGMT's new song & video = meh. Also: 90+ degrees tomorrow? do. not. want. #
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  • 20:48 Vegging out to TV and pressing some vintage fabric buttons. #

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  • 08:16 Reading about Black Canary and considering (finally) submitting something for Project Rooftop? #

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  • 09:41 Why, hello there brand new computer! :D #

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  • 09:15 I am "letting" Jonah use the dust-buster. I feel so guilty about how exciting it is to put my kid to work for the first time. #mamaguilt #
  • 15:01 @katiecupcake sounds like nachos, to me! :) #
  • 15:12 Dearest pollo asada burrito, words alone cannot express how deeply I love you. You are truly the only one for me. All my love, coreymarie #
  • 15:27 @rstevens honestly, it'd be harder to prove that you WEREN'T. #
  • 18:56 New Michel Gondry film!!! www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2cKMpHumA8 This looks incredible. #
  • 20:39 @ketilave Jonah just picked this up recently too. So simultaneously disgusting and weirdly adorable. #
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